Sunday, June 29

Amazing Weekend

This has been one amazing weekend. It started off with the arrival of our grandson. I had to wait until Saturday for all the details. When Cathie phoned me on Friday night they hadn't even weighed the little guy. His name is Hamish Flynn and he weighs 3425g. He is the cutest little baby (do I sound bias or what).
Little Hamish now completes the family. He has 2 beautiful sisters and a loving mummy and daddy.

Today Ross and I were invited to a BBQ on our friends' block. They have recently bought 100 acres of unspoiled land with a creek running right through the length of the property.

As we sat in a clearing surrounded by tall blue gums and abundant lantana bushes (these are earmarked to be destroyed), all I could hear was the sound of birds and the breeze through the tree tops. A feeling of contentment washed over me as I realized how much enjoyment I got from the simple things in life. It really was a perfect way to end the week.

Dry Creek Bed

Typical water hole along creek bed

his is a HUGE Fig on the banks of the creek

Friday, June 27

Brand New Grandson

I am so excited. The phone rang a little after 8pm and the first thing I heard was the cry of a new born baby followed by "Hi mum, it's Cathie". My little grandson had come into this world only 20 minutes earlier. I truly marvel at technology. When I gave birth to Cathie, we didn't even have mobile phones let alone be allowed to use them from the delivery room. How things have changed (for the better I might add).

I will some how have to contain my excitement until tomorrow to find out more details about this precious little new addition to the family.

Off and Running

OK, I am off and running. A couple of days ago I turned 60 and thought it was a good time for a challenge. I have seen a great surge in blogs. Everyone these days seems to have one, so why not me?

In 2000, all I knew about computers was how to switch them on/off. I know that there is still so much more for me to learn about them but hey, if I had never taken that first step, I would not be here today.

So come and join the ride. I can't promise that the ride will be always smooth - until I get the feel of this place but I am looking forward to the journey.

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