Sunday, May 22

I will be missing for a while.....

because our world has been turned up side down. A couple of weeks ago our daughter Debbie was diagoised with Acute Leukemia and will be in hospital for around 8 months receiving treatment after which, she will spend a further 2 months for a transplant. Debbie and Craig have 2 little boys 6 & 3 with special needs and are going to need extra help in the months ahead.

We have been considering moving back down closer to our family and friends and this latest event has made the decission to move ASAP much easier. So we have put our house on the market and now the waiting game starts.

In the meantime, we will be travelling down to Brisbane mainly during the school holidays to help out with the boys and give Craig and his family a break and also to give our precious daughter all the support we can.

Not only that, it will also give us quality time to strengthen our bond with our grandsons. When you live so far away, 9 hours by car, we only get to see these gorgeous, loving boys a couple of times a year.

So I don't know when I will be posting agian. My scrapbooking has been put on hold but I am journaling so there maybe a mini album in the future.

To all my wonderful scrapbook friends who have visited my blog, I say a warm thankyou and I hope that you will all still be around when I come back.

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