Monday, April 4

It's so Confussing.......

whenever I take a photo. I don't have a SLR but my camera does have manual settings - it's just that I get so bamboozled with the aperture and shutter speed that I revert back to AUTO. I would love to be able to snap those perfect shots and I do realize that using the manual settings I can get a greater shot.
Well, thanks to Kayla Lamoreaux of Digiscrap 101 I found a link to muddyboots where I found a link to this awesome site.
There is a SimCam where you can try out different apertures and shutter speeds to see what effects they have on the "sample" image. I found it a lot of fun as well as learning to understand the applications.
All of the links I have given you today are packed full of tutorials to help everyone from digi scrappers to hybrid scrappers to beginner photographers so I highly recommend you go take a look for yourself.

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