Thursday, February 26

Blog Award

Firstly I must apologize for taking soooo long in responding to receiving this blog award. Sometimes life is just so full of STUFF.

I was so touched to receive this award from my friend Jane. She is always popping in and leaving lovely comments that warm my heart. This lady has so much talent and I would recommend you go and check out her blog. Thank you so much Jane for this award.

Now I have to pass this award along to 6 blogs that I visit:

1. Ruth. I love visiting Ruth's blog. Her blog is very inspiring with so much to see and the journaling is from the heart.

2. Rica. If ever you need a sketch to help your creativity flow, then this is the place
to visit.

3. Mal's Stampz. This would have to be one of my favorite sites. Templates galore and so many tutorials you will need to pack a lunch and stay for the day.

4. Sam. Sam's blog is the Technique Capital. Here you will learn anything you want.

5. Maddy Hill. I can't go more than a few days before I have to catch up on the
Adventures of "Calvin the Mouse". If you are looking for anything
gorgeous, beautiful, cute or amazing then this is the place for you.

6. Leah Killian. Last but not least there is Leah. I love reading Leah's blog, she has a real
talent for journaling. One moment you are laughing so hard tears are
running down your cheeks, the next moment you are sharing in her ups
and downs. Then there are her layouts and projects. One word
I know you girls have so many awards but if you would like to add another one to your blogs, then you are all very deserving. Each and everyone of you have either inspired, challenged or entertained me, so thanks from me.

Sunday, February 15

"J" is for Jade

This is my entry for "J" is for Jade challenge over at Letters to Scrap By. I have hung onto this photo for so long just waiting for the right moment. When I was putting the page together, I felt that the outer space was quite plain so I thought I would give masking a go and I was quite surprised at the effect.

Many of you may have read or seen the devastation of parts of Victoria here in Australia.
It is hard to comprehend loosing everything bar the clothes on your back... worst still, someone you love. When the residents of Marysville were allowed to briefly return to their homes, all they found was ash. What didn't burn up, melted.

A beautiful lady with a HUGE heart Sarah Gladman as started up "Memory Gift".
She is calling on scrappers to create a LO and these LOs will be put into albums and these albums will be handed out to families affected by the horrific bush fires. To find out more about this project go to Sarah's blog.

Thursday, February 5

Back Home

It's so nice to be back home but I must say, it was so hard to say good-bye. When I got picked up by the Airport Shuttle Bus, there were hugs and tears all over the place. The bus driver was very sweet and his comment "Don't cry cause it's over, smile cause it happened" actually really helped.

I had a wonderful time visiting with my daughter and grandchildren while hubby was away working. We played, watched The Fairies several times with Isla loving Buttercup's swim cossy and Mia wanted Rhapsody's cossy. So needless to say, we had a trip to Spotlight to chose fabric. Let me give you a little advice, NEVER ask a 3 year old to choose fabric. Little Mia loved anything that sparkled, any bright colour and anything we didn't choose. LOL We finally agreed that both girls were happy with Buttercup's outfit.

Of cause there was plenty of Craft Time. I took my Cuttlebug with me and a few templates, lots of sparkling stuff, papers, glues, fimo etc. We had a lovely time turning paper into masterpieces.

Isla loves any kind of craft and since she was tiny could handle things like glue, stickers and sticky tape extremely well. She loved making the butterflies and when I showed her how to roll up a triangle to form the body, she thought it was cool.

Mia gets so excited when there is any mention of craft and when her big sister is there, well, it's double the fun. Like most 3 year olds, she can't wait to get things done and at times I found it hard to keep up with her. It was hard to wait for the glue to dry or the flowers to be embossed but in the end, Mia was very happy with her page.

We also had time to make these cute little purses that I found on Mel Stampz where you can find oodles and oodles of free templates.

and these cup cake boxes

On the last day, we were supposed to have a play with fimo but that was the afternoon that daddy came home. He had been away for a couple of weeks and even though he phoned every day, there was nothing like having daddy home. Way too much excitement that day.

Then there was Hamish. If ever there was a cutest, cuddliest, gorgeous, sweetest little baby ever, it has to be him (Do I sound like a gloating grammy). Since the first moment I walked through the door, this special little person weaved his magic and totally melted my heart.

Now I must not forget my daughter Cathie. We finally managed to have that long promised coffee together......actually we had several, to make up for lost time.
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