Thursday, October 23

Mini Album

Earlier this year I made my first mini album for my very best friend. The photos I took back then were pretty average but last weekend while I was staying with Trish, I managed to get some better shots.

Since 2002 our friendship has grown into a strong bond and for her last birthday, I want to give her something special to show her how much our friendship means to me. It turned out completely different to how I first imagined it would be but I really liked how it turned out in the end.

When I walked into her home last Friday, there it was sitting on the sideboard. I made a comment about it being brought out because I was there but Trish assured me that that is where the album always stays and anyone that comes through the front door gets to look through it .


maddy hill said...

ohhhh your layouts are stunning ! and the album is just gorgeousssss ! no wonder your friend wants everyone to see it !
your a bit funky for a grandma i must say ! mind you , you dont look old enough either ! wink !
thanks for visiting my blog , look forward to some more fabulous makes !

maddy hill said...

Ive left you an award on my blog - you deserved it , your makes are just ace !
love maddy x

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