Sunday, July 11

A Bit of This and That

Thought I would give you a little peek at a project I am working on at the moment for the Lets Get Shabby monthly challenge. There is a huge prize this month so head on over to find out more.
I came across this little basket at our local Vinnies shop. It looked rather sad, covered in dust and unpainted with a bamboo handle. I looked at it last Saturday morning (the shop closes at midday) and put it back. When I got home I couldn't stop thinking about it and then I got this great "idea" how I could use it.
I should have bought it there and then. I had this vision of a long line of little old ladies that extended out the door and down the footpath wanting to buy it. My only hope was that it was high up on the top shelf. So you know where I was at 9am Monday morning.

To my huge relief, it was still there so I pounced on it, then started looking for a small photo frame. After rummaging through a bin of unwanted frames, I spotted this little treasure. If I had commissioned someone to make it for me, this is what I would have asked for. So, feeling very pleased with myself, I headed over to the counter to pay for my findings. Can you believe that I got both items for a huge sum of $2.50.


I think that I am treading a fine line here. On one side, I could be called crazy but on the other side I could be called amazing. Do I have blood in my veins, or do I have scrapbooking products running through my system. It all started like this.....................

This morning I was about to throw away one of my favorite handbags but first I wanted to keep the little key that dangled off the front of it. Then I found that the hinges actually screwed off so I kept them, next came the on and so on.
By the time I had finished, this is what my handbag looked like. Looks like my handbag has had an autopsy !!!! But, look at all those gorgeous bits and pieces that are now going to get a new life.

Thanks for stopping by,

Hugs, Irene xx


Deb said...

oooo your project looks very interesting.....can't wait to see the end result. I'm sure it will be gorgeous. lol at the have scored yourself a nice little scrapping stash there.

Lynette said...

LOL! You are doing some major recycling there Irene.

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