Tuesday, September 30

A couple of layouts

I thought it was time to share a couple of my layouts. Earlier this year I flew down to stay with my daughter Cathie while hubby was away working on the Australian Open Tennis Comp. To say I was intrigued at the number of times little Mia change her clothes in one day is an understatement. So one morning, with trusty camera by my side, I started snapping. Changing her clothes was not the problem, it was the clothes she took off that were dumped on the floor all over the place that was a challenge LOL

The next layout was inspired by the photos I took, again staying with Cathie during the Beijing Olympics. Around 4pm, Mia was in the entry and the lighting was so perfect when I captured these photos. I also took inspiration from one of Ingvild's layouts. I think she has a truly unique style which I totally love. Head on over and check out her blog.


Yosemite said...

This is georgeous ! I love it !

Jane said...

It was so nice of you to drop by!! I love meeting new people your blog is wonderful and your LO's amazing!!! I have to learn that paper curling and destressing!!!

Lynette said...

This is have so much talent.

Ali Russell said...

Gorgeous Layouts Irene!!
I found your blog, YAY!!
Look forward to catching up soon.

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