Thursday, September 25

Back in Control

In recent times I have lost my mojo. I want to scrap, I need to scrap, but when I make time, there is nothing there. I am not happy with the quality of photos I get developed. I am one of those people that must have a good photo to start things off and I am feeling despondent with our local photo development shops. I know that the digital "print while you wait" places are convenient, I am disappointed with the results. The photos are either too dark or too orange too cropped or all of the above. Arrrrrggggg. But I feel that it could be something more.

To tackle my problem I have taken a different direction. A week ago my scraproom looked like a war zone, papers stacked everywhere, stuff I had bought weeks ago still in their packs, boxes, files, ribbons, glue, tape, you get the picture. I even started picking my way over the floor.

Well, things are slowly getting back to normal. One of our LSS are relocating and are selling off their fittings and stock. I bought 2 paper stands for $25 each (each stand can hold 250 sheets) need I say more :). Now all my papers and cardstock are easily accessible and not stored all over the place. Next I tackled my ribbons, then came the stamps, the chipboard, the inks, the flowers and so on. I now can see the top of my desk YEAH !!!!!

I feel like I am back in control of my craft room and now I am off to see what Kodak can do for me.
Stayed tuned for a layout or two......

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Lynette said...

Thank you for visiting my have incredible style in your scrapping...yay, now I have another blog to follow. I am sure you will enjoy scrapping again now that you reorganized.

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