Monday, December 8

Time Out

Life is getting hectic at present, what with all the Christmas parties, decorations, projects on the go, not to mention the normal day to day routines. So I decided to have a little ME time. A lovely stroll on our beach. The afternoon was quite warm and the tide was in. The blue sky was clear except for two osprey gliding on the breeze. The whole beach, all 1.5klm was deserted but for one seagull and even it flew away.

Of cause I took my camera with me.......I am doing a DDA (December Daily Album) and there is always something to photograph - like those osprey, and the beach and of cause ME. It was just what I needed, a place to clear my mind and simply enjoy the moment.

As I walked along the water's edge, I thought about what it would be like to have a white Christmas. Would I enjoy the snow and the cold. It all looks so lovely in the postcards.

Maybe one day I will experience snow flakes, scarfs and hot chocolate. But until then it's hats, sunglasses and bare feet.


Lynette said...

I love your photo...and we also have very warm Christmas season...I don't think I will like snow.

Anonymous said...

We had a christmas in Oz a few years ago when we visited my aunt and uncle near Sidney. It was so different to here in England, swimming off my uncle's boat in the river on xmas day! We came home to a snowy january though! ;0) xx

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