Sunday, February 15

"J" is for Jade

This is my entry for "J" is for Jade challenge over at Letters to Scrap By. I have hung onto this photo for so long just waiting for the right moment. When I was putting the page together, I felt that the outer space was quite plain so I thought I would give masking a go and I was quite surprised at the effect.

Many of you may have read or seen the devastation of parts of Victoria here in Australia.
It is hard to comprehend loosing everything bar the clothes on your back... worst still, someone you love. When the residents of Marysville were allowed to briefly return to their homes, all they found was ash. What didn't burn up, melted.

A beautiful lady with a HUGE heart Sarah Gladman as started up "Memory Gift".
She is calling on scrappers to create a LO and these LOs will be put into albums and these albums will be handed out to families affected by the horrific bush fires. To find out more about this project go to Sarah's blog.


Jane said...

what a gorgeous LO!!! love the photo! So sorry to hear about the people of Marysville!

Lynette said...

Lovely layout! My heart goes out to the people in Australia that was devastated by the fires.

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