Thursday, February 26

Blog Award

Firstly I must apologize for taking soooo long in responding to receiving this blog award. Sometimes life is just so full of STUFF.

I was so touched to receive this award from my friend Jane. She is always popping in and leaving lovely comments that warm my heart. This lady has so much talent and I would recommend you go and check out her blog. Thank you so much Jane for this award.

Now I have to pass this award along to 6 blogs that I visit:

1. Ruth. I love visiting Ruth's blog. Her blog is very inspiring with so much to see and the journaling is from the heart.

2. Rica. If ever you need a sketch to help your creativity flow, then this is the place
to visit.

3. Mal's Stampz. This would have to be one of my favorite sites. Templates galore and so many tutorials you will need to pack a lunch and stay for the day.

4. Sam. Sam's blog is the Technique Capital. Here you will learn anything you want.

5. Maddy Hill. I can't go more than a few days before I have to catch up on the
Adventures of "Calvin the Mouse". If you are looking for anything
gorgeous, beautiful, cute or amazing then this is the place for you.

6. Leah Killian. Last but not least there is Leah. I love reading Leah's blog, she has a real
talent for journaling. One moment you are laughing so hard tears are
running down your cheeks, the next moment you are sharing in her ups
and downs. Then there are her layouts and projects. One word
I know you girls have so many awards but if you would like to add another one to your blogs, then you are all very deserving. Each and everyone of you have either inspired, challenged or entertained me, so thanks from me.

1 comment:

Rica said...

Irene, thank you so much for this I feel truly honoured.
Thanks also for your wonderful comment on my blog.
hugs Heather xx

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