Saturday, May 2

Mini Album

I thought I would like to share my first mini album, this is the one that has started my passion for mini albums. I made this one for my VBF (very best friend). We met in 2003 and hit if off right from the start. Over the years we have been there for each other sharing the good times and the bad. In 2007 Trish moved away to be closer to her family and even though it was hard for both of us, our friendship has stayed strong.

Trish is one of those people that has everything so I decided to have a go and make her a mini album for her birthday. I wanted to focus on our friendship and the fun times we shared as well as affirming who she is and how much she has to give. It now has pride on her sideboard and she shows it it anyone that happens to walk through her front door LOL.

click to enlarge

I hope you have enjoyed looking through this mini album, there are 10 pages in all and it was hard to stop there.

Cheers, Irene :)


Ikki said...

Hi Irene, Thanks for your visit ad comments so pleased you liked my card. No probs over you doing a Mother's day Card from my tutorial, but if you post on your blog would you do me a favour and point any of your readers to visiting the Cupboard. I'm trying to promote the versatility of the Bug and help from you would be much appreciated. Thanks Eileen

Lynette said...

Awesome Mini Irene!

Peggy said...

this is awesome!

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