Thursday, June 4

It's been a tough couple of weeks

It's been a little while since I have posted. A couple of weeks ago I discovered just how easy your world can do a massive flip. Thursday evening I was waiting for my DH to arrive from work, as usual. It usually takes about 40 minutes driving thought rolling hills and cattle country, when I got a phone call from our very good friend Ted. Ross had called in to see Ted after work (which is not normal) and while there suffered a mini stroke. It all happened so quickly, he was perfectly normal one minute then unable to speak the next. Fortunately the symptoms only lasted a few minutes but he had his first ambulance ride that night and had to stay in hospital for 3 days for tests etc. I can't imagine what would have happened if he had be on his way home when the attack happened.

The following Tuesday we got another phone call. This time it was from Roger, our Best Man, letting us know that his partner of 30 years had lost her fight with cancer. Narrele was a beautiful and loving person who fought a seven year battle with courage, a positive outlook and determination, never giving up hope. She will be sadly missed.

We drove to Brisbane , well actually, I drove since Ross had only just got over the Stroke scare. It was my first long distance trip which took 7 1/2 hours straight and I was amazed that I didn't feel totally spent when we arrived at our destination. After the funeral, we drove to Debbie's (our DD) for a short stay.

On a brighter note, we got to spend a couple of days with our grandsons. They live about 8 hours drive away so we only get to see them a couple of times a year. Lachlan is 4 1/2 and has been diagnosed with speech and communication disorder. We were amazed at how much he has improved with all the help he is getting and it warmed our hearts to see the bond that is gowning between him and his Granddad. And as for Benjamin who is 21 months........well he is too cute and totally 100% boy.

I just don't want to believe it........I was on my way to bed and went to cover Salem - he is our little white budgie and I found he on the bottom of his cage. If ever there was a little bird with a huge personality/attitude, he would have to take the cake. He has been part of the family for around 12 years and we are going to miss this little guy very much. I don't have a photo of him but he was happy to do a photo shoot for a Xmas layout.


Lynette said...

Wow that is scary Irene....I will keep you and your DH in prayer.

Ikki said...

Life really has been tough for you and your family over the last few weeks, sincerely hope you're on a sunnier road now. ikki

PS Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments and I would be very interested to know which of the folders you cut up?

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