Friday, October 16

Am I the Only One Who is Messy?

I have been working on my eldest grand daughter's birthday present and yesterday in the middle of my "creativeness " I became aware of how messy I had gotten my work space. So of cause I had to take a photo of it all. There were bits of paper and glue everywhere. And I got to wondering if anyone out there gets into the same situation?

In this image I was working on the singles on the castle and I had hundreds of tiny bits of paper everywhere. As you can see I am running low on the glue and I find that storing in up side down is a great time saver........(mental note to self - buy more glue).

The singles were very time consuming. Each piece had to be cut to size, inked, curled and adhered, 39 pieces in total. I must admit that I am having a great time putting this album together for Isla. There will be a story line included but I haven't got that far yet LOL.

Yesterday's Breakfast

Normally I have a bowl of cereal with a few blueberries and yogurt and a cup of tea. But the previous day at Mah Jong the ladies were talking about breakfasts and most of them had eggs, bacon, sausages etc to keep them going until lunch. Normally I only have this kind of breakfast on a Sunday but I thought I would give it a try and this is what I had.........

They say that fresh is best and I am lucky enough to get eggs from happy hens. These hens live under 2 minutes away and it is quite common to get eggs that were laid that morning. So when I cracked an egg for breakfast, I was pleasantly surprised to find a double yolker.

Being a scrapper, my camera is never far away so I snapped this photo. Now I must say in my defense that I never cook with butter - usually its just a light spray of non-stick spray and NO, I didn't have any butter on my toast.

TFL Irene xx

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Lynette said...

Irene...that space does not look too should see mine while I am busy doing a mini album for my son:)

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