Thursday, October 8

Do You Believe in Fairies?

This is a little mini album/story book that I made for my little granddaughter Mia for her 3rd Birthday. During one of my visits, I spent a couple of hours at a gorgeous little park with Isla and Mia and of cause my camera. The girls were having a lovely time exploring the little dry creek bed and playing around the vegetation and I got some lovely natural shots.

When I had the photos developed, I thought it would make a great mini album to document the fun time we had at the park. Then I realized that I could turn the whole thing into a cute story with Mia as the main character.

Now I am by no means a writer but each day I jotted down a few ideas......some were good...some not so good. And I finally came up with this story.

Thanks for looking,

Irene x


Lynette said...

Very pretty Irene.

I am currently busy doing a mini album for my son who is turning 30 soon. Sort of the story of his life.

Tracey said...

Awww Irene - this is beautiful and what a good idea, love what you have done here, have a lovely
weekend XXX

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