Tuesday, May 4

Bits and Pieces to share

Last Saturday our art teacher Gillian celebrated her birthday so I decided to make her a little gift and a card. I made two poi pouri sachets filled with Old English Ross. I was very pleased when I opened the celophane packet and discovered that it was actually made up of small rose buds and petals and smelled wonderful.

Firstlty I made a pink silk pocket, attached a layered flower with a sparkly brad and filled it with the poi pouri, then slipped it into an embroyered organza cover and finished off with some lace and a ribbon loop so it could be hung from a hanger or popped into a draw.

As you can see, I am by no means a card maker. After I had finished it, I could see that I could have added more demention by inking. Oh well, it was too late to change anything as I had 5 minutes before I had to head out the door. Gillian appeared to love both (she is so sweet).

Thanks for stopping by,

Hugs, Irene xx

1 comment:

Lynette said...

What a pretty and thoughtful gift and card.

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