Tuesday, March 31

Storm.............what Storm?

Last night this vicious storm came rolling in and all I could think of was "PLEASE, NO BLACKOUT". This was our last online class and I didn't want to miss it. Our little township of Emu Park is renowned for power failures, the regional power supplier likes to call them Power Outages, makes it sound important but the locals are fed up. Sorry about the grizzles, I got carried away.

Well like a true scrapper, I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. You have to agree that this storm looks pretty fierce. All my worries were in vain, the amount of rain wouldn't have filled a thimble.

Like I mentioned earlier, it was our last class and a bit sad that all this fun was coming to an end. We planed to kidnap Sherre (our teacher) and feed lollies to her kids unless she agreed to do a couple more classes. LOL

Last night we made a mini album. I am very impressed that 3 sheets of bazzil cardstock and a few embellishments could turn out this great.

There are 10 pages in this mini album which is 15cm x 15cm. I have not decided which photos I want to use for this album but when I do I will post more photos of the finished project.

Cheers for now,

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