Tuesday, February 2

Appointment with the Dentist

I get so nervous when I have to go to the dentist. Today, I am nervous cause not only do I have an appointment, but it is my first visit to our new dentist. It must be almost 20 years since our little town has had a dentist. A couple of months ago he open his practice in our medical center.

Now my appointment was for 2.30 which rhymes with "tooth hurty". I was hoping this was not an omen. All my fears were unfounded. This young dentist (he asked me to call him Russell) was very gently and kind. Can you believe its the longest time I have had my mouth open and not said anything. In no time at all, I was back home sipping on a nice cup of tea.


Hugs, Irene xx


aussiescrapper said...

I had a laugh at your post, know exactly what you mean, and how co-incidental was the time of the appointment, I went last week and had a filling taken out and another one put in. Wow, no pain, didn't even feel the needle, what a wuss I was, compared to childbirth --- no comparison hey.

Lynette said...

What is it with us and dentists and gynae's?

So glad that it went painless:)

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