Monday, February 1

The Enemy - ACID

Do you have days like this? One thing leads to another. . We were meant to be painting the ceiling in the lounge room but with the weather like it is, that has been postponed for another weekend. I had cleared all the family photos off the entertainment unit so it could be covered and noticed that it needed a dusting. Then I noticed the bookcase could do with a bit of attention. I started pulling out the photo albums and that's when I found this.................

To my horror, when I opened my album of my daughter's wedding, I found that the album was not acid free and it was covered in yellow spots. I had bought the album many years ago way before I knew anything about scrapbooking and the major enemy ACID.

I spent the afternoon literately tearing up the album to remove the photos. The album is now in the recycle bin where it can RIP. Now I have the dilemma of how to remove the sticky residue left from the double sided tape left on the photos.

The gorgeous ladies from The Boxx have given me some helpful ideas so as soon as this rain and wind dies down, I am off to Yeppoon to see if I can get some Un Do or a Rub-on remover.
So all I can say now is go check your albums especially your Wedding Albums. Back in the 60's and 70's they probably didn't use acid free.

Thanks for stopping by,

Hugs, Irene xx

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aussiescrapper said...

Wow what great advice, I am so glad you went to the album when you did, I will have to tell my mum about this also as she still keeps albums with plastic peel sheets on them, I bet these are not acid free either. Hope the weather your way improves, I think it is heading down our way. Love Melxxx

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