Thursday, July 3


The last few days have been pretty full on. I have had my last visit to the dentist (yaaah) and I also have new glasses. I almost feel like a knew woman.

I thought I would share a few layouts that I have done recently. I don't have a particular style as yet because I love to try out new techniques and products. One thing is for sure, my journey has been interesting since my first layout.

I need a pedicure

The things you do to get the right picture !!!! I was so focused on this pic ( I was sitting on wet sand with my feet perched up on a piece of old tree trunk) that I didn't notice this lady walking past me. Her expression said it all (WHAT ARE YOU DOING?) LOL Anyhow I wanted this layout to be beachy and rough and dry, just like me feet.

Big Shoes to Fill

This is my latest LO. I haven't used paint on layouts and thought it was time I had a go. For the back ground I used bubble wrap with black and gold paint. It was a bit messy but so much fun, I will be doing it again.

Back Yard Fun

A little tip. When I developed these photos, they were much smaller then the standard 6x4 so I chose colours from the spotted paper and changed the white background of the photo to a corresponding colour using Photoshop. Once you cut out your image you are left with a perfect colour match which you can then use for letters or tags etc. Hope that makes sense.

Nose for Wine

As you might have guessed, I don't mind a drop or two of red wine. The background paper is hand made and has a wonderful waffle weave effect. I inked the edges then stamped in gold. The whole effect was much richer then I imagined. It pays to be a hoarder, the black strip to the right of the wine glass is the metallic piece you remove before you pop the cork. It had Brown Brothers on it and I thought it might come handy one day. It did.

Chat soon.......


NinaiNinja said...

How very beautiful layouts you have made. I especially like the one about red wine. Thumbs up! =)

Ingvild Bolme (Spinnvild) said...

Wow, there is a lot of great works in here! Im glad I took a look before I vent to bed!

Thank you so much for your comments, and I'm glad to hear that you liked the wine to my daughter. First I was afraid to post it, because you never know what people could think when we give wine to our one year old daughter *lol*
But it is for her 18 years day, and we don't even think she will open it then, maybe she just will keep having it as a memory.. who knows.
But you were the 2. to comment, so just before that I was starting to be vorried that maybe everyone thinks I'm crazy *lol*

Have a wonderful day!

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