Friday, July 18

My first Award

WOW, I have just received my very first AWARD. I have seen them on other blogs and wondered what they are all about.

A big thank you to AngC for this award.

AngC wrote:
Irene just always surprises me with what she does - she's never afraid to try something new. She even started up her own blog at 60 years of age!

Now I have to choose 7 people to pass on this award.

Who gets the “Brilliante Webblog Award“?

Websites and blogs of your choice for their designs that are especially noteworthy.

Here are the Award Rules:

1. The winner can take the logo

2. Place a link to the person that send you the award

3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by its currency,the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy

4. Put a link to these sites on your Blog.

5. Write a comment on their Blogs that they’ve won an Award

So I am passing this award on to:

Ali I believe that you deserve this award because since my DH found your shoppe last year I have been introduced into a world of friendship, support, encouragement and growth. Oh, I forgot.....challenges. lol

Jo held my hand when I first joined Embellished and helped me through technical side of signing up for the gallery and forum. She has a wonderful style which I find bright and funky. Jo also brings her SMILE where ever she goes.

Sarah you have helped me so much over the past year or so with your wonderful tips and techniques. I absolutely love your work.

Ingvild I came across your site by accident and it was my good fortune. Your style is unique and I get so much inspiration here.

Leah your layouts as simply beautiful. One thing you have made me realize is that a GOOD photo goes a long way to make a layout special. I also appreciate your online class for Exploding Boxes.

Kirsty as an amazing talent with colour. Her layouts will brighten anyone's day. They are truly crazy and funky. Even though they are not quite me style, I find myself looking forward to seeing the next creation.

Gabrielle I came upon your layouts one day when my "surfing the net" for 20 minutes which turned into 2 hours. I just love the strong, rich colours you use and how you tie everything together. I also like your journaling from the heart and those flowers are gorgeous.

Just a note: I may be 60 and it might have taken me some time to work it all out, but I will only admit to 6 hours to finally being able to include links but now I feel like I am the LINK QUEEN !!!!!
This post is dedicated to my daughter Rebecca, without whose help I would still be floundering.


Sares said...

YaY! Irene - first of all - well done on learning how to link. ;) Second - thankyou soooo much for giving me an award. I am truly honoured and I appreciate you dropping by my Blog. You rock Chook!
Sares x

Anonymous said...

Way to go Irene - your blog is really cool - well done!!! Congrats on the award!!

Ingvild Bolme (Spinnvild) said...

Hi and thank you so much for the award! ;-)
You have so many great works in here, truly artworks! I love to come visiting you.

Wish you a great day!


Ingvild Bolme (Spinnvild) said...

Hi "Link Queen" *lol*, and thank you for the award;-) And,thank you so much again for your nice comments in my blog! *big hug*

Yes, I am thinking/working with a book. ButI had to check outwhat people think first, and actually I am overwhelmed by the response! But I am "working on it", butcan't say to much. But one of my problems could be that I ain't well known enough for the book compenies. If I ask a Norwegian company that it needs to be given out in English for the French, American, Australian and other coutryes, they need very high sales number to be villing to do so. So maybe it is to early, butI am working on it. It is my dream, so I ain't gonna give up! ;-)
Beside working up to the book companies and to continue to scrap, I need to make more layouts and "get my name out there" in some way... Any tip? ;-)
I am also working on what it takes to do it all by my self, to give out the book by my self, and I think that should work with a little bit help. And jes, there will be step-by-step, techniques, and "rules" for balance and how I think when I scrap, "my rules" ;-) Hope that sounds ok?
If you have any ideeas to me regarding how to get out on the market, how to sell a book now with my name, I would appreciate it very much to hear from you ;-)Actually I had a deal for"release", but I backed out. It was more a book club book, and that is not what I want. It needs to be a book from me with my works, to inspiration and some tips etc.

Wish you a great day!

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