Wednesday, July 23

Life is just too busy

Time is slipping away so quickly it's scary. A few things have been going on this month. My best friend Trish came up to spend a few days and that was great because we always have so much fun. We are foster parents to her Golden Retriever, Paddington. Unfortunately he has developed a couple of tumors and Trish wanted to be here for the X-rays and biopsies. The diagnosis is not good but I will talk about that another time.

We also belong to a Mah Jong group, The Emu Chicks, Emu Park. Each year we hold a regional festival at our local hall. It is very well supported and this year we had 56 players. For $20 you get morning tea, smorgasbord luncheon, desert and coffee, lucky door prize, spot prizes and a hole lot of fun.

Playing the game. The winners !

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Binxcat1 said...

I have often wondered... what exactly is MAH JONG? I have this idea it is a bit like Dominoes... for grown ups! LOL Looks like you ladies have a ball anyway. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on IDOL too btw... very much appreciated. Big hugs and best wishes to Paddington.

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