Saturday, November 8

I am getting a new kitchen

And I am so excited. Melissa called last Thursday to say they would be starting on Monday. YEAH !!!!! I am having Two Pack satin finish on the doors and I asked her what she thought
of the colour I had chosen. Well, there was silence at the other end then she said "It's a bit dark".

I thought to myself "WHAT, have they got the colour wrong?" So I did what any woman choosing a new kitchen would do. I jumped in the car and twenty minutes later I walked through the frond door of the show room where the person who scared me sat.

Her hubby (this is a small family owned business) came through the back door and they both took me out to the work shop where my new kitchen had been laid out. I was expecting to see this dark swampy brown colour on the cupboards and my heart stopped.

There before my eyes was my kitchen. It was beautiful, the colour was perfect, even better than the tiny sample I had to choose from. I was behaving like a teenager, jumping up and down
and grinning till my cheeks hurt. I wanted to hug my new kitchen, I wanted to hug Scott (but I couldn't because his wife was standing right there).

Tomorrow I will be packing up all my kitchen stuff and let me tell you, I have heaps and storing in all in boxes for a week or two. In the meantime, our temp kitchen will be in the laundry. I am not sure how I am going to cope because I cook a lot and also use a lot of pots, bowls, utensils etc and no dishwasher. I think I feel take-aways coming on.....................


Lynette said...

Hi Cathy

I have posted the Circle Album tutorial on my blog :)


Tracey said...

Ohhhhhh how exciting, so happy for you hon, I hope you can post pics once it is all finished, I would love to see your new kitchen - sounds beautiful, take care and have a happy weekend XXX

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