Thursday, November 27

I HATE water colours (well, I think I do)

Hi all, well today I tackled a task that I have been putting off for weeks. On Mondays I go to Art Class and our gorgeous teacher Gill always sets us a challenge for our end of year break-up. This year we were asked to do a Water Colour which had to contain a bird and water.

Now Gill knows I hate water colours. Actually that is not quite true, what I mean is that I find it very difficult using this medium. My forte if you can call it that is Oils. I love oils, they smell so nice, I love to smear them onto my canvas with lots of texture, but mainly because they take so long to dry that if you make a mistake there is plenty of time to fix it and even time for a cuppa and a chat.

Water colours on the other hand...........are not that forgiving. I struggle with the thought. Why did Gill choose water colours. I was going to do something abstract that didn't take much effort but the more I thought about it the more I realized I should put effort into the painting and see what I could come up with.

Well, I surprised my self in the end. I sketched it yesterday (putting it off a little longer) and painted today. It took me only 3 hours and I was done, which amazed me more than anybody.
So here it is.............da da

I hope that Gill is happy now. She had better choose Oils next year.

Here is a layout I completed last week for a challenge over at Cocoa Daisy. I didn't even get past round one, no surprise there, the entries were stunning. As soon as I had this photo developed, I knew what I wanted to do with it. I have cut away the bottom section of the photo but keeping the legs intact, then I slipped the title behind giving the illusion that Lachlan was jumping out of the photo.


Lynette said...

Love this layout...yes we all tried and failed it seems at the Cocoa Daisy challenge. But I can't pass it up anyway.

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

Gosh thats so clever making himlook like he is jumping right out of the page!!

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