Thursday, November 20

So much happening round here

My head is spinning. I am starting to wonder if I have too much on my plate. What with the new kitchen going in (I am loving it) and inquiries about the old one. So far there has been only one hiccup. Yesterday the electrician popped in to wire up my oven, cook top and dishwasher, which I really appreciated. Unfortunately, when I came down stairs this morning, the cook top being all glass had exploded with bits of glass every where. The apprentice had tighten a screw too tightly and it had shattered the glass. All is fixed, I have a new cook top and it will be connected by Saturday. I will be posting photos as soon as it is complete.

Mean while I have been working on a couple layouts, putting together "A Week in my Life" album and compiling my DDA (Daily December Album) both designed by Ali Edwards. This lady has so much talent and is so generous to share it with everyone.

I managed to squeeze in an Art Class last Monday where we try to paint in between morning tea and social chit chat. I am working on a still life which is a piece of drift wood. Not sure if I will post a piccie of that one. Oh, I almost forgot the Graduation Dresses that I have altered plus
3 Wedding Gowns on the go. What do they say, " no rest for the wicked".

I also have to work out how to put my slide show on the side of my blog. Every time I add a post, I have to COPY/PASTE the slideshow then delete the original. It is a pain. I have tried several times with not much luck. But I am stubborn, and I will work it out.

Until next time...........

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Lynette said...

Goodness Irene, you do have a lot on your will have to schedule some serious "ME" time.

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