Saturday, January 30

Bear with me.....

OK, so I tried to add extra information in the last post but Blogger and I didn't get on very well. I wanted to mention that on Day 14 the red envelope contained my flight tickets and on the reverse side, I made a pocket from the Hot Chocolate Cup I bought at the airport. It contains a journaling card about how I spent some quality time with my daughter Cathie before I flew home.

The next image I wanted to talk about was Day 25. My best friend Trish gave me the most beautiful Christmas card. The Christmas Tree is in 3D snowflakes and I wanted to use it on my Christmas page.

Our day was spread over two venues and I wanted to use quite a few photos on this page. So I put together my version of an exploding present. It represents the "Gift of Christmas".

The ribbon is adhered to the page and when untied, you can remove the mini album. It contains 12 photos and three journaling cards.

I have also included a DVD which has ALL the images I took over the month of December, not just the ones that I have used. Also, a few little videos. I looped a piece of ribbon through the center hole of the DVD. It is not attached but makes removing the DVD from the pocket so much easier.

My final thoughts on this album
This year I chose and 8x8 post album with protective sleeves and I also covered it in a raw silk fabric. I love the size of the pages but I felt restricted by having to put them in the protective sleeves - I do like layers and textures on my pages (I call it "Lumpy Bumpy").

My choice for next year will be something where I can use split rings. That way, if I want to use a large photo and maybe split it over two pages, it would work much better.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Irene xx

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Sandra said...

omg... i LOVE the way you have reused the coffee cup from the airport... what a wonderful out side of the box idea!!!

Love what i have seen of this album... it would be truely amazing in real life.. no doubt!

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