Saturday, June 26

My Happy "RED" Day

As promised here is a sample of how my Birthday was spent. My very best friend Trish sent me a parcel for my birthday. It arrived last Wednesday. If anybody knows me, it was a miracle that I didn't open it before my birthday. My day starts at 6am with a cup of tea after which I attacked the parcel.
Trish is one of those people that doesn't just give one present so it was no surprise to find 3 presents all wrapped in red paper and the craziest card ever. Scary at how close it represented my friend and me.

In side parcel #1, I found this totally gorgeous evening clutch. In the photo is a little on the pinkish side but irl it is blood red. Looooooove it!!!

In parcel #2 came this funky mug. It has now become my favorite and together we will start each and every day. Parcel #3 was a box ofnotecards by Andrew Zuckerman. Thank you so much Trish, your gifts always blow me away.

By this time, hubby was coming down stairs with Rebecca and after hugs and a birthday song I opened more presents.

When I opened Ross's present and saw that it was Photoshop Elements 8 I was so thrilled. Up until I got my new computer, I have been using a photo editing program that came with my scanner. At first it was great but I have long since out grown it. YEAH.........I am going to have so much fun.

The bigger parcel was a combined gift from all 4 of my girls....a Bon Appetit Enamelled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. I can't tell you how long I have wanted one of these. It is huge and very heavy and with winter here, I can't wait to start using all of those yummy hearty recipes. So ladies, if you have a favorite recipe, please share.

Of cause I didn't forget to give Ross a HUGE hug and thank you for my present before he was off to work.

When Ross had left, Bec wanted to make me breakfast and asked what I wanted. Eggs Benedict of cause. Last Mother's Day, Bec gave me Julie Goodwin's cookbook and I have tried out her recipe for Hollandaise Sauce and let me tell you, it is the best ever. I would say that I now consider myself a critic where this sauce is involved.

The day was taken up with phone calls from friends and my girls, being fussed over by Bec (and I don't know how many times she sang happy birthday to me in an Ukranian accent) and playing with PSE8, picking up my Birthday Cake and a couple of bottles of Bubbly.
Our friends Ted and Kay come over on Firday nights for home made take-aways and a movie. Ross took us all out to the Endeavour Inn for dinner. They have the most amazing Chinese Cuisine with an authentic chef. Fortunately for Ross they do steak as well.

Around the table...Ross, Kay, Me, Rebecca, Ann-Marie, Ted. After eating Garlic Bread (best ever with grilled cheese on top), Entrees, Mains, Desert, wine, cocktails, we all carried our stomachs out the door moaning and groaning, heading back home were we planned to have coffee and Birthday Cake.

Ted (who is the thinnest of us all) was the only one who could manage to eat a piece. I sent some home with Ted and Kay and we enjoyed the rest for morning tea today.
I went to bed last night totally exhausted with the memory of the best day ever. Can't wait for next year. LOL
Thanks for stopping by,
Hugs, Irene xx


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday to a spoilt and oh lucky lady, I am green with envy over PSE8 :):):)
Tracy :)

aussiescrapper said...

Oh Irene, this is just amazing, I just loved hearing about your gorgeous day, right from the beginning with your dear friends pressies to the adobe photoshop and wow that gorgeous dutch oven, I like these as well and can only imagine the divine meals you will cook in this, I am a lover also of hollandaise (hence the thighs) but I am going to buy Julie's book as I love her and would like to make my own hollandaise sauces. Happy belated birthday dear friend and to many more. Melxx

Karen Hanim said...

Love how you spent your birthday! Convinced me that I need to make more of an effort next year with my own!

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