Wednesday, June 16

Back in Action

It's been a while since my last post but then you all know that and so much has being going on. So, to make things easier for myself I shall go backwards.

We have had the most fun filled weekend. My DH's brother and wife visited us on the weekend. It has been about four years since Paul and Joy have been here. Can't say I blame them as the trip by car is some 8 hours.

We talked, we ate, we laughed, we ate, we watched DVDs, we get the picture.

Monday was a holiday here (Queen's Birthday) but my art class was still on, so during a sight seeing tour, we called in so I could collect a couple of paintings that I had entered into our local Annual Show.

To my utter surprise, one of the paintings had won an award "Highly Commended". I was stoked. I am painting a series of three which are a birthday gift for my eldest daughter Stacey.

Only one more painting to go. You can see the first painting here.

Happy Birthday Mia
Last Monday was also my sweet granddaughter Mia's 5th Birthday. I am waiting on photos from mum but until then, here is a photo I took during my visit a couple of weeks ago.

Mia celebrated her birthday with 17 friends at Clowntown. They have several different "Themed" rooms for birthday parties and Mia chose the "Under the Sea" room. Even though she loves mermaids, (mummy was sure she would choose a Mermaid cake) Mia insisted on a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake. When I get photos, I will post them - it will be well worth the wait.

The last two weeks I spent at home making good friends with my dressing gown, slippers, boxes and boxes of tissues, a jar of Vicks, Cold and Flu tablets and buckets of hot tea. No photos necessary to document this event. Fortunately I have not been scared for life and have only been left with a little cough now and then. cough..... cough cough....cough !!!!!

Am I the only one having problems with Posts in Blogger? I can remember when it was so easy to upload photos into my post and then just cut and paste them into the appropriate places. Now, Blogger wants to do its own thing. It will be so much easier to start a new post of my Sydney trip then try to add more photos to this post. So stay tuned.

Thanks for taking the time reading my ramblings.

Hugs, Irene

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aussiescrapper said...

These are not ramblings dear friend and I am so glad to hear from you, wow you are one very talented lady, super congratulations the painting is just supurb, wow my friend Jan loves painting I just have to show her and how gorgeous is Mia, Nate is here saying "girl" girl" she is just beautiful. so glad to hear from you. Love Melxxx

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