Friday, January 1


To all my friends and those who have visited my blog throughout 2009, I would like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year. I hope that 2010 holds everything at you wish for and that you all keep safe, healthy and happy.

Each year I make a New Year's resolution and try to keep it for as long as possible. I figure that even though I go off the tracks, at least I tried and hoped that it did make a difference. This year my resolution is to be more organized. I hope that by sticking to it, I will have more time and less stress.

I would love to hear what resolution you have made for this coming year and maybe we can help each other stay on track.

Irene xx


Lynette said...

Happy New Year Irene.

May this year be filled with lots of joy and laughter.

Tracey said...

Happy new year Irene, I wish you all the best for 2010 XXX LOL we do have the same resolution - tell you what, I will encourage you if you encourage me - hows that ! I am thinking of doing a little thing on my blog next year about being organised, sharing some tips and such, feel free to share any you have, and of course if I post any that are helpful to you that would be wonderful also, anyways, take care , much love XXX

Jane said...

Happy New Year!!!!!

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