Tuesday, January 5

Treasure Box

I can finally share some photos of the box I made for my daughter Debbie. Since we were going down to spend Christmas with her, I felt it would be much safer to take it down rather than trusting it to go by Post. Oh, did forget to mention that I only just finished it the day before we left to drive down to Samford Valley for Christmas. This is the reason that I chose the word "Organize" for my New Year's Resolution.

I have a connection with each of my 4 daughters and with Debbie it is fairies. My favorite flower is the Sweet Pea and when I came across a picture of Fairies and Sweet Peas, I knew that I had to create something using this image. It took me a few weeks during Art Class to paint the lid and the rest was pretty straight forward.

I know that she kept mementos in a plain box so it gave me the idea of putting together a "Treasure Box" for all her special pieces.

I have added a personal message on the inside of the lid but with it being so busy with Christmas preparations, I forgot to take a photo if it.

Being ORGANIZED in 2010
My first step to being organized in 2010 is to write down everyone's Birthday in the appropriate month in my diary then 2 weeks before their Birthdays, I will give myself a reminder, then 1 week before, will be the deadline (that is if I need this prompt as I hope to be totally organized this year LOL).

Mango Feast
Last night the Fruit Bats devoured the last of the mangoes on my neighborer's tree. It was such a shame to see half eaten mangoes covering the ground. Then this morning a flock of Rainbow Lorikeets flew in and had a feast of the golden sweet flesh of the mangoes. They ate so much, I was surprised that they could fly.

I don't usually write such long posts and I am completely tuckered out. I am off to enjoy a nice cup of tea. Have a great day.

Hugs, Irene xx


AngC said...

Hi Irene!
Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year... you're daughter must have loved that box, it looks great!


Lynette said...

What a beautiful box...I did that flower fairy and a few others in cross stitch. Us women, something of a little girl always remain in us.

FAUSTA said...

thanks a lot for your visit on ly blog
I love your layouts too, with lots of details just like I love
I 'll come back again
bisous from France

LuvLoz said...

The treasure box is beautiful, you did a great job.

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